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Company attaches great importance to Healthmate "brand and corporate image promotion. It actively takes part in Canton fair every year, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Germany, Dubai and foreign well-known professional exhibition.Alibaba and the domestic each big famous TV shopping platform (Shanghai Oriental, Wide happy purchase, Beijing central shopping, etc.), TaoBao online shopping and so on to carry out the multiple perspectives, three-dimensional publicity. 

Product advantages

Healthmate research and development, design, manufacturing, trade is a whole. Over the past ten years, the products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea. The company has many years of experience in product design and development, and has strong superiority and strength in product quality and price.

Aftermarket advantage

Healthmate always put the customer experience in the first.Our business philosophy is honesty, attentively, credibility for the purpose of the service. Provide the best product quality to maximize customer benefit. 


1.Agree with the corporate culture of Healthmate and strictly abide by the rules of the enterprise.
2.There is a certain economic base and social relationship in the area.
3.Good company management experience in relevant industry.
4.It is not allowed to sell products that have conflicts of interest with the healthmate brand.
5.Have the management idea and ability to manage fitness equipment.
6.Able to focus on the marketing of Healthmate.
7.Ability to meet the expectations of the local market.

Policy support:
1.Obtain the certificate of authorization issued by Healthmate
2.To enjoy the rights of distribution within designated areas
3.Enjoys the support of Healthmate brand promotion and promotion
4.Enjoy the promotion support of healthmate online promotion channel
5.Having the support of the Healthmate channel policy
6.The technology that enjoys the after-sale service of Healthmate.

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Healthmate fitness equipment store breakeven analysis (area of 120 square meters, for example)

project The matters Total cost (units/RMB) Budget spending
Healthmate fitness equipment store
decorate 72000 600 yuan/square x 120 square meters
The sample and inventory 80000 The first out ready for the sample and a small amount of chang sales model
Store rent 96000 About 8000 yuan a month, a year a pay
The deposit 10000 One month rental deposit
A combined 258000

Monthly profit analysis

project  The matters Monthly fees (units/RMB) Budget spending
Healthmate fitness equipment store cost analysis Decorate cost 2000 Store in 3 years (36 months)
Personnel salary 6000 2 clerk x3000 yuan a month
Sales commissions 2000 Sales by 2%
Store rent 8000 The monthly rent
Industrial and commercial tax 1000 Fixed tax
Water and electricity fee 800 Lamps and lanterns USES energy-saving lamps
Transport installation
3600 According to the sales an average of 3%
The store miscellaneous fees 500 Office, drinking water, sanitary products
A combined 24300
Healthmate fitness equipment store profitability analysis Monthly turnover 120000 Projected sales
Customer groups (family, school, hotel, gymnasium, enterprise, business offices, etc.)
Month total gross profit 54000 Gross margin amount 45%
Monthly profit 24700 -
Full-year earnings 356400 -